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With the increasing technological content of products, users increasingly stringent requirements on the product, service work has become an important factor in the development of enterprises, in order to ensure the best quality of service to users, in order to give full play to fast and effective service advantages, my company based on years of practical experience, the use of three perfect interactive after-sales service system.

2Service System

The market demand for service work more and more to the rapid, comprehensive and efficient development, our company has long been adhere to the user-oriented service approach, and gradually form a set of advanced and perfect service system. Our policies and systems have been tested by the market to ensure that our equipment can run better in the vast domestic and international markets.

  • External Customer Service.
  • The external user service department is composed of technical service personnel, professional installation and maintenance personnel, quality record analysis personnel, customer contact and return service staff. With the office abroad, responsible for the office area of the after-sales service work.

  • Corporate Customer Service.
  • Personnel: Company customer service by the technical service personnel, professional installation and maintenance personnel, quality record analysis staff, technical support engineers. Most of the installation and maintenance personnel with more than four years of air conditioning maintenance experience, can quickly and accurately determine the cause of each unit failure and can quickly troubleshoot. Quality record analysis staff have more than four years of work experience.
    The scope of work: Unified management of the company after-sales service work to support the maintenance service throughout the country, to develop service plans, training programs, service feedback statistical analysis.

  • Regional User Services.
  • By the backbone of the service team, responsible for the region's after-sales service work and management, resident in the district's major cities, daily tour work, according to need, at any time to support the region or adjacent areas of service work.

3Work Program

Create user profile: (The name, address, telephone, zip code, contact person, etc.), to the user service department to enter the computer (such as the purchase of units, the use of units of detailed information (name, address, telephone, zip code, contacts, etc.), to the user service department to enter the computer Management, the establishment of detailed user files. So that the service can be tracked at any time.
User warranty card: Assist users to clarify the contents of the warranty, the warranty period, the rights and obligations of both the user and the company. Warranty period, the user can repair the warranty card free of charge, replace the fault spare parts.

4Warranty period of service

Warranty cycle: Since the commissioning of the date of acceptance, the company provides 12 months of the "Three Guarantees" service, during the normal use of equipment in the case of all the problems arising from my company is responsible for the settlement, the cost required by our company. Provide technical service and maintenance personnel at any time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment (if the equipment by the company personnel debugging, or because the use of human and force major caused by equipment, such as downtime or damage).
Equipment commissioning: The company according to the date of the contract requirements or received a user equipment debugging notice, send debugging engineers at the designated time to reach the user site.

  • Instructions include the installation.
  • If the customer requests to provide guidance to install, work:
  • Pre-provision of equipment installation base map, system water and electricity pipeline connection instructions.
  • With the user and representatives of the parties on the equipment model, quantity, random documents, spare parts, tools and equipment appearance, acceptance, and record.
  • Site to guide the user or the installation unit for equipment in place, hydropower pipeline connection.
  • Pre-provision of equipment installation base map, system water and electricity pipeline connection instructions.

Equipment commissioning and acceptance: Party A and the installation unit shall provide the necessary water source, power welding equipment and other auxiliary equipment and materials for the installation and commissioning of the equipment. In conjunction with the Company's successful completion of the commissioning work

We are responsible for debugging equipment, so that the operation of the parameters, indicators have reached the product design standards to meet the user requirements for the use of equipment. According to the standard requirements of the equipment acceptance, with the acceptance of the party to test and fill in the record for the record.

  • Installation and commissioning time can be adjusted according to the user's request.
  • Site training, the entire process to guide the operation and maintenance personnel to ensure that the following:
  • During installation and commissioning:

  • Basic structure of equipment, Basic working principle of equipment.
  • After the device is commissioned:

  • Equipment operation methods, Troubleshooting methods, Routine maintenance methods and precautions.
5Work Program

Warranty period, if the user needs, the company can be paid for a lifetime to provide comprehensive, preferential services, regular inspection and maintenance of maintenance, at any time on the user operation and maintenance personnel to provide advice and guidance. Maintenance once a year, the main contents:

  • compressor maintenance, replacement of wearing parts.
  • evaporator, condenser cleaning new;
  • expansion valve, electrical control components set the effective value, testing and maintenance.

To ensure that wearing parts, spare parts spare parts supply. On the non-supply of refrigeration and air conditioning auxiliary equipment to provide reasonable and effective maintenance update recommendations to ensure the normal operation of the system.

6Emergency service response time
  • Normal service response time is 48 hours (2 working days).
  • Service response time refers to the company received a service notice to reach the service location of the longest time.
  • 24 hours service hotline: 400-889-7528 / 13851950751 / 025-57138853, at any time on the user's emergency requirements for emergency technical advice and support.

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